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Thread: Fister dripping blood

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    Quote Originally Posted by happylabs View Post
    I hope he is okay too. He is such a gorgeous cat. Love the pic of him laying on your bed. Maybe he just strained a little when he went to do a poopy
    This is what I also think it could be. I've had a few cats that have done this and I've talked to me vet about it. Some times when they eat a lot of dry food and don't drink enough water or they don't eat enough canned food they can become constipated. As a cat gets older I think that constipation can happen more easily. One time my RB Storm cried loudly like he was in pain and he had very hard and dry poop even though he was eating plently of canned food. The canned food was very high in protein though. Now I feed my cats a different canned food and it has sweet potatoe, zucchini squash, and other squash in it so this helps to prevent constipation problems. I hope it's nothing serious. Lots of prayers and positive thoughts are being sent his way.
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    Sending good thoughts and prayers Fister's way. I, too, hope that it is nothing serious. It's hard when you are worried about them and can't get to the vet right away. Fister is such a good kitty! I hope the vet says he is perfectly fine.
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    Pawsitive thoughts and prayers for Fister.
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    Oh goodness, kitty in the laundry hamper made me giggle!

    If it is parasites, the way they test for this is you take in a stool sample from the litter box. They want a recent one, you can get it in a plastic bag or aluminum foil and then a plastic bag, and take that with you to save a trip.

    Paws crossed for you and Fister.

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    Thank you for all your good thoughts and prayers.

    Tracy, I think it might be a bit of constipation. He does meow when he goes to the litterbox, but he is always doing that, before and after. I think he is telling me that now he's done and I can come clean it up. Over the past year, he talks a lot more. His poo looks fine, although sometimes it's hard in one end and soft in the other.

    Today, there's been no blood and he pooped twice. I'll keep an eye on him.

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    I am so sorry to have missed this yesterday! I am glad to hear Fister seems to be doing ok now. It does sound to me like a bit of constipation, and when you describe the poop as hard on one end and soft on the other...well, that really sounds like it. He might strain so much to get the hard end out, then the rest follows as it normally would. I think maybe it is an anal fissure of some type. But, do call the vet, as I know you will.

    Little kisses to my boy, Fister!


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