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Thread: Rest in Peace, Rex.

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    Rest in Peace, Rex.

    I've shared pictures and stories of Rex before. I believe my friend who owned him even joined PT. She is my neighbor, one of my best friends and almost like a sister. I feel so awful. Today she put Rexy boy to sleep. I loved that dog, he was such a sweet dog. Such a gem of a dog. He didn't have a mean bone in his body. He was a lab mix. I always thought he had some cattle dog or something in him due to his paws. Maybe you guys remember when he ran away? I've been texting my friend all day. She is very sad. He was 12 years old, he had a huge tumor on his side that the Vets couldn't drain or anything 'cause he was too old and he just started goin' down hill.

    I feel so bad, because I know it's the worst feeling. Rest in peace, Rex you were a great loved mutt, that's for sure!

    I think I posted a thread years back when he ran away and we were looking for him for 6+ hours, man, he never did anything like that again! Smart boy.

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    Rest in peace, handsome boy!
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    Aw hugs to you and your friend. RIP Rex. For 12 years, he was a part of her life; perhaps she barely remembers a time without him. Yes it is always hard when they have to leave us. Best wishes at this difficult time.

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    RIP Rex, Godspeed to the Bridge, and Peace to your family on earth. You are loved and treasured.

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    Rest in Peace Rex. I'm sorry for your friend and for you Alyssa.
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    Rex looks like a cute pup. I'm so sorry for the loss.

    RIP Rex
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