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    Sparky-sad news #74

    My little guy isn't doing very well, and I'm afraid that the CHF is winning. I had both The Fuzzbuttz to the vet last week for their rabies vaccines, and a good check up, and doc increased Sparky's heart med to try to help his heart function. She didn't want to increase the Lasix since he's already at a high dose. But the coughing continues and his breathing is somewhat more labored than it was. Then at 3 a.m. Thursday morning, he woke me - he was having a seizure - yelping, went stiff and lost bladder control. It was quite short and only lasted about 15 seconds - but a seizure is a seizure. He settled back down and went back to sleep - but of course that was the end of my sleep. Doc isn't in on Thursdays, so I couldn't call her, and I just kept an eye on him all day. He was pretty much back to normal, other than the coughing. Then this morning we got up at 6 a.m. as usual, and when he woke up he headed for the kitchen as usual for a big drink of water. I was carrying Myndi and heading for the back door when he had a really big coughing spell and then he stopped, and I thought he was right behind me. He wasn't - he had fainted by his water bowl - but no seizure even tho he lost bladder control again. I freaked - put Myndi down and went to him and by then he was conscious but limp. I picked him up and carried him outside, and he just stood where I put him down - dazed! I sat outside with them for a few minutes, and then brought them inside and he was starting to come back around, tho still groggy. He didn't want anything to eat, so I just let him be. I put a call in to his vet, and she told me to cut back the med she increased and to let her know on Monday how he's doing. He's back to himself and is back to eating, and has hardly coughed all day, but every time he does, I watch him like a hawk. She said it's not that common to have seizures with CHF, but not unheard of, and the fainting is pretty common after stress - and he did have a very bad coughing episode, so I can understand that.

    Needless to say - I'm a wreck. I'm afraid to leave him alone right now - and I haven't left the house all day. I know that the CHF is going to take him someday - but as much as I know this - I'm just not ready! Please - say some PT prayers for my sweet little Sparky!
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