I am currently babysitting a cat for my mom's niece and for the most part he spends time in my room because of the other cats and how they would get along is unkown. I would like to see if they were to get along, but first I want Nylan (thats the cat's name short) to get used to the house. He wants out of the room at times. So once we ensure the other cats are put away, we open the door to my room and he goes a little bit out, and then he chickens out and runs back in. We tried holding him till we got downstairs, but he would hide, and then run back upstairs to my room. We have had him now for a couple of week. I have tried to give him time, but would like to get him less scared so perhaps we can go to the next step. He is neutered and such a sweetheart. When we first got him he hid under my bed for a day and then started to wonder about. We could have him for up to a year at least so I would like to see if we can get all four cats to at least tolerate each other so he can at least have buddies with him while he awaits his owner to find a place where they both can be. So do you have any tips to help him get less scared?