I have been buying the Friskies Gravy Lovers in the pouch for a couple years now. Over the weekend I was out shopping with my daughter and remembered I needed to grab wet food for the cats. We were at Tractor Supply and they just happened to have a case of the Whiskas pouches. I couldn't tell how much gravy was in them but I thought I would give it a try.

Well, the cats loved the Whiskas, especially Buddy. The first night I gave them tuna and white fish or something like that and they all ate every bit of it! With the Friskies they usually lick the gravy off of the mystery meat and leave the meat in the bowl.

Last night Buddy at all of his and proceeded to go and clean out the other two cats' bowls! I put one of them up because sometimes he will eat too much and then puke later. He found the 3rd bowl I had put up on the table and jumped up and ate that one too.

If they continue to eat the Whiskas like they have been I won't be throwing half of it out every night.

Anyone else feed the Whiskas?