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Thread: An Unexpected Rescue! (Not a reptile!!)

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    An Unexpected Rescue! (Not a reptile!!) was the first day I was *officially* the manager of my store. Among other topics of discussion was "should we get a store pet?" Of course, we wanted to, but so many things were changing so fast that I decided to wait until the new year to decide on a store pet. Sometimes though, life has other plans...Early in the evening, one of my warehouse employees wandered up front looking a little puzzled. He asked me if we took in animals, and I said no. Then I said "wait....why?". Apparently, someone was out back trying to donate a budgie to the Goodwill next door! Needless to say, Goodwill didn't want a budgie.

    I wandered out back and there was a lovely little bird with a decent cage (It's 24"x16"x16", so not bad), nice toys, and a variety of sizes/materials of perches. Everything (except the little pink ladder) was very clean, and it's obvious that she's been well cared for. There are pellets and seed in her bowl and it seems that she likes both of them. So, we dubbed her "Iris" and she's going to stay! For the sake of keeping her transition as stress-free as possible, we haven't changed or added anything yet, but ALL of us immediately started poking around the bird toys to see what we wanted to buy for her later. She's going to be one well-equipped little bird.

    I do have two questions for the more bird-experienced folks. One: She's not tame...How likely is it that she will tame down, and can anyone point me to a link with instructions for taming an adult budgie? Two: Does she need a friend? If so, how do I go about introducing a friend? Is the cage big enough for two budgies?

    Here's the lovely lady:

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    Congratulations! And welcome to Pet Talk, Iris!

    You can tame an adult budgie, you just need lots of patience and some time. For the first few days, get her use to you being near her cage, and talk to her. It doesn't matter if you are reading inventory lists or reciting your employee workbook, just get her used to the sound of your voice. When she seems settled, you can start working on getting her used to your hand, and start teaching "step up," - she may already know the command, you never know!
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    Good grief! She's a pretty bird. Good for you for taking her and good luck getting her settled in.
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    Well, miss Iris was still pretty nervous today, but she let out a few chirps and moved around a bit more. We made arrangements for one of our regular customers who has a large flock to bring her a companion bird in a few weeks' time, and my employees and I are going to go in together on this cage for them. I'm especially thrilled that the grate slides out of the new cage for scrubbing purposes. I have no idea how to get the built-in grate clean on her current cage....though it was spotless yesterday, so apparently her former owner had soemthing figured out.

    We're all trying REALLY hard to resist putting a bunch of new toys and goodies in her cage and freaking her out, but we DID cave and put in one preening toy this morning. She's suspicious of it, but she'll come around I'm sure.

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    Iris is very pretty!
    Good luck getting her tame.

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    Hello, Iris birdie! It is very nice to meet you! I hope you adjust very well to your new home at the store! I bet you'll get a ton of compliments!
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