Well.. that's what i'm singing! Ok- My sister [which i ahven't seen in a while] is coming down from Michigan the 23rd a day befor my Birthday. I ahve a whole week off of school too!!Also, my favorite cousin, Jenny, is flying down by herself [no annoying little cousins or aunts with her!!] And sometime during that time, my friend Jessyka, my Sister,probably Jenny too... and I are going to see 8 Mile [ Can't wait!!! I ALWAYS turn eminem up WAY high when one of his songs comes on, it's like a habit.. you can't listen to Eminem on low volume!] The only thing i asked for, for my birthday is a Dog. I really don't care if i don't get anything... I don't care if i get nothing. All I want is a dog. Same way with Christmas. I'm not asking for anthing. Just a dog, and that's how it's been for the past couple years or so. Anyways... i just tohught i'd share my happiness -=D