Robin is the most finicky eater I've ever had. She likes nothing except cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches - or whatever her daddy happens to be eating at the time. I've about gone broke in the last few months trying to find a food she likes. First time she'll inhale it, second time she'll eat it, second time she'll walk away, but then go back, third time fuhgetaboudit!

So, I've tried something called RAD Cat - Raw food diet for cats. It's $5.99 for a small container so I didn't want to buy much of it in case she pulled the usual routine. But low and behold - she's eaten the whole container! She didn't inhale it at first, so I was worrried, but she continued to eat. The next day she didn't inhale, but she continued to eat. I'd MUCH rather have her continue to eat than inhale, but it's just out of character for her. She's finished the free-range chicken and is starting on the free-range turkey today then onto the pasture raised lamb in a few days - sheesh, I don't even eat free-range chicken or turkey!

Anyway, I've heard of other people seeing this "dramatic turnaround" once their cats start eating raw diets, so I was wondering what all your experiences were with it. So far the only difference I see in her is a full tummy compared to her bare-to-the bones normal physic.

So, any experiences with raw diets? Is one name brand better than another and more importantly, can I find the name brands across the country? When we are in California for the winter it's relatively easy to find things since there's a Pet Smart & a Petco local, but when we're here in the the Tetons I need to have things shipped, or find them in Jackson, WY, which is so devoid of chain stores it's not even funny......but I kinda like it that way.

Thanks in advance for all your help!