Little Rachel wants 900 pairs of shoes for her birthday...but not for herself

ATHENS, TX (KLTV) - Little Rachel Beets loves shoes, so it is not surprising that she wants shoes for her eighth birthday.

However, she is not asking for one or two pairs of shoes, she is asking for 900...and she wants to give them all away.

"Because other people can have some shoes too," 7-year-old Rachel said.

She is calling the project "Rachel's Happy Feet," something her mom was a little hesitant about taking on in the beginning.

However, Rachel was persistent and eventually mom started making phone calls.

"34 pair were donated, and she came in from school and just her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I should have jumped on it a little sooner," said Rachel's mom, Amanda Beets.

Rachel's birthday is January 31, and that is when all the shoes they collect will be donated to the Athens' Rainbow Room.

"When a child is removed from a home, usually they have nothing except for the clothes on their back. We work with Child Protective Services case workers so when they remove a child, they are able to bring them to the Rainbow Room and get new clothes or personal hygiene items," explained Rainbow Room board member and former president, Ann Hall.

The Rainbow Room is a non-profit organization that serves children from infants to 18-years-old.

On Wednesday, Rachel's family received a monetary donation to purchase shoes for their cause, bringing their donation count to 78 pairs of shoes.

Amanda knows this project is a constant reminder for her family of how blessed they truly are.

"I want my kids to know that greed is not an option at all in life. It's always better to give to people and have that willing, giving spirit, and that's what we are trying to teach them," she said.

The Beets family and the Rainbow Room hope others will be inspired by this 7-year-old's generosity, and together collect all 900 pairs of shoes.