This is actually a story about myself (I usually don't toot my own horn, but who will?)
I started going to the gym this week and my trainer kicked my butt on legs Tuesday night. So last night my legs were screaming!! On my way to the gym, just as I was coming out of my court, I saw a dog running around in front yards dragging a leash. I stopped and looked for a person. Around the corner came an older gentleman with another dog on a leash. I rolled down my window and asked if the dog was his. I don't think he heard me, but I heard him calling to the dog.
I jumped out of my car, leaving the engine running and my door open, and started calling to the dog as she ran my direction. She was a young Pointer pup and FULL of energy! I chased her through bushes while the owner rested in one of the driveway's with the other dog. Finally I went to the man and he told me to start petting the dog he had control of (because the loose dog gets jealous). I did that and Stella (the Pointer pup) came up behind me. I quickly grabbed her leash.
I was so glad I was able to help this man. We live very close to a very busy street and she ran that direction a couple of times. I was so scared!
He was beside himself with this puppy. He said "I don't know what I'm going to do with this dog." But she is still a puppy. Oh, and as a side note, the other dog was a beautiful Aussie mix!
Anyway, I didn't even notice my sore legs while I was trying to save this dog. But when I got to the gym I had already got my heart rate elevated for the night.
And of course, after the fact, I thought of all the things I could have told the man. Like to get one of those leash splitters so he'd only have to hang on to one leash, or to take them to a dog park so Stella could run freely to release some of that energy. Maybe if I see him again I will do that.