Now that I have your attention...of course my cats are not outside all the time. The only time they are outside is if they are chaperoned by my husband or me. And no...they don't eat chocolate. They don't like it. Plus...I don't share my chocolate easily - not even with my cats!

Please, please, please, please!!!! stop ruining the Cat of the Day experience for people! If you cannot say anything nice - don't say anything at all! The person who submits his/her cat wants to hear how pretty/clever/adorable/smart their cat is. They do not want to hear about the bad experiences you have had with cats...or your philosophy on how they should raise their cat - or your opinion on anything except how pretty/clever/adorable/smart their cat is.

I feel so sorry and sad whenever I read a Cat of the Day and it says anything about the outside because I know the lectures will come - and I think how sad the person will be. I really doubt someone on the island of Cyprus will say..."Oh...what good advice...I will change how my cat lives now!"

Can't we just make it a nice experience for people...please??