Hello everyone. I am DeAnne, I've been a member here a long time ago but so long ago I don't even remember my user name, email, or any of that. So I decided to sign up again. I remember you guys being such a great group of people. I am from Oklahoma, married and have a 2 year old daughter who loves cats and animals as much as me. We have 4 cats. Star, she's the oldest at 8years old. She and I have been through a lot together. She's a chunky monkey, and currently on a diet of special kitty food. She is a ragdoll siamese mix. The other three are sibling sisters, they are 5 months old. As you can imagine, kittens, it's constant play time here. April, she is the most timid, she's silvery with black swirls. She doesn't like anyone but me for some reason. She's usually at my feet tripping me of course, purring and meowing. She loves to play though. Fat Girl, I know not a really cute name but my nieces named her. She was the roly poly chunky runt of the litter. She was shortest and fattest so Fat Girl just stuck. She is tortie colored, kind of unique colorings. On her face she has a stripe, its like one half is tortie, and the other half is orange. She's a purring princess. You can just talk to her and she purrs. My daughter's favorite for sure. I have to watch her, she's bad about getting a hold of the crayons. My daughter is too. Ha ha. 2 year olds are so much fun. Then Princess, which we were only babysitting but turns out my husband (not really a cat person) got attached to her. Go figure. I am now one cat away from being a cat hoarder... so I am being told. Ha ha. I don't mind. We recently moved to this town, well in February. My sister found out she had leukemia, and we came down to take care of her kids while she has treatment. Little did we know that her being sick changed our whole lives. I went from being severely depressed (couldn't have my cat at the apartments I lived at) being away from family and friends to, all of sudden being surrounded by people all the time, and amongst all these changes in our lives, my husband and I found out we are expecting a baby. After more than a year of trying, the second we gave up is the second we conceived. We are having a boy, and he is due Dec 2. I think he will end up being a Thanksgiving Baby though. I have gestational diabetes which is really hard to control. I am not used to having to eat all the time and eat healthy at that. Its like a punishment to be pregnant and craving stuff, but be able to have it. I feel for people who do have it full time. Anyway I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and your furchildren.