Hi, my name is DeAnne. I am from Oklahoma. I am married and we have a 2 year old daughter and another baby on the way. A boy, due the first week of December. We have 4 cat children. Star, she's a ragdoll mix. My baby, I've had her for 8 years. She was a kitten when I got her. We've been through a lot together. She is chunky. Very chunky and currently on a diet. The other three are 5 months old, siblings that I have some how gotten. April, she is definitely a momma's girl. She doesn't like anyone but me. When she can't see me, she meows for me, most of the time she is within a few feet from me. Unless she is being frisky with her sisters. Fat Girl, I know I need a new name for her but she was the chunkiest kitten in the litter but has a great personality. She is tortie colored, has a line on her face, half tortie and half orange like. She purrs if you even just look at her. Definitely the sweetest. My daughter loves her. Princess, she is the one with A LOT of personality. She is a long hair and she can make a game out of anything. Could be a spot on the wall and she's playing. All of the kittens are half doll face persian, and I am not really sure who their dad is. I have been a member here before but its been so long, I don't remember the user name, email, or password.