Hi everyone - I decided to go ahead and volunteer to do the calendars again this year. I have made the deadline a little earlier than last year as I could get a call at anytime after the end of the September to go in for surgery. I should get a one month notice so this gives me 2 weeks atleast to get the calendars ready for print.

NOTE: We have not have enough entries in the past few years for a PET Calendar so this calendar will ONLY be done IF we get enough entries.

So here goes all the details once again:

Photo MUST be clear.
Please just original photos. No photoshops - however, brightening/darkening, red eye changes, etc. are fine. I will fix the eyes if you are unable to.
Photo MUST be 1600 x 1200 pixels minimum. I don't want to use anything smaller because it won't print out right. If you send something smaller, it will show up small in the calendar.
Photo can be of multiple pets, as long as it's just pets. You must be the owner of the pets.
ONE entry per PT PET - you may submit more than one entry, as long as it's of a different pet.
Once you send your photo to me, you're claiming it's ownership as well as giving me the permission to use it.
Lets make the deadline for sending in photos October 15th, 2012 which will give us a little more than 5 weeks.

They will be the same price this year: $25

Send all entrys to [email protected] - WAIT! Keep reading before you send..

For multiple photos, please send each photo in seperate emails.
PLEASE include the following in your subject line:
"PET Calendar - "

In the body of the e-mail include the following:
Owner's First Name:
PT Member Name:
PET Name(s):


A few photo tips:

-Natural lighting usually makes for the best picture.
-Headshots will make your cat more prominent in the calendar.
-The less background clutter, the better the shot. Flowers, scenery, etc are a nice touch.


-October 15th, 2012 is the deadline to send in your entries.
-If you have any ideas, concerns, etc. please PM me.
-I will NOT accept entries via PM - e-mail only please!