Good golly Miss Molly...WHAT an adorable wittle wee one you are; puppy preciousness overload!
What a way to start the day, opening up Dog of the Day and seeing your adorable self up on my screen! I can almost smell the puppy breath through my monitor, feel that soft, warm belly! How lucky your family is, having a bright and beautiful, exuberant and life loving furkid such as you in their lives, bringing so much joy and endless smiles and laughs to their days! And hopefully, after some time, even your big sister Sandi will come around, with you and she being the best of buds! You truly are a blessing, Molly, and so very worthy of your "top dog" status!
Enjoy a happy and fun filled day of celebration, sweet baby girl, and every minute of your wonderful life!
Love and cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Molly, and to dear Sandi as well! Long and happy life to you, sweetheart!
P.S...You pics are heart melters!