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Thread: Willy's knee issue

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    Willy's knee issue

    Willy was at the vet today. He broke a tooth, snapped off the bottom part of it, and had a fracture of the rest, running up to and under the gumline. He had a dental (his other teeth are fine) and that tooth had to come out.

    Because he was already under anesthesia, I took this opportunity to have x rays done. Willy has always done a "sloppy" sit, can't sit squared off. And he can't go from a sit to a down; instead he stands, bows and then lowers his rear end. Lately, he has also started not to bend or squat when he poops. His right leg stays straight, his left goes out to the side. In order to balance, he has to lower his head way down. Very awkward.

    Here are photos and a short video (30 seconds)
    His right

    His left

    And video:

    X rays showed some arthirits in both hips, more in the left than the right. Right knee looks fine. Spine is fine. Left knee has a build up of fluid. It is not a luxating patella, that knee is sitting solid. So this suggests some sort of ligament issue. He does not limp; so the vet says it is not a complete rip of a ligament. It could be a partial, like a tear. No telling when he did this.

    Options are:
    - treat with pain medication*, see if that helps
    - refer to an orthopedic specialist

    Willy is already on glucosamine and chondroitin, and we may add Adequan in future. He just turned age 9 years on Sept 5th.

    For now, he is on pain meds* for the tooth extraction, so we will get to see if there is any improvement with that.

    Edited to clarify: he is currently on Rimadyl for the tooth extraction. This is an NSAID - both pain relief AND anti inflammatory.

    The part that stumps me is, what if the pain meds work "for a while," and then he has made things worse -- by which time he will also be older. I just don't know which way to go with this.
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