Hi there Sidney! Happy Pet of the Day!
What a handsome, simply adorable Chin you are, Sidney! Your coat looks SO velvety soft, and oh, that face is a heart melter for sure, those sweet little feet, too! It's wonderful to know that you're in the loving care of a devoted forever human who loves you unconditionally, so completely; one who will give you all the time you need to fully come out of your shell as you transition to your wonderful new life! And though I'm sorry to hear it hasn't worked out for you and your Chin "siblings," no doubt your Mommy will soon find that perfect match of a cagemate, and won't that be fun, having a fellow Chin to pal around with!
Until then, enjoy all of that extra special, one on one attention being heaped upon you by your Mommy, and of coure, a very special Pet of the Day, being spoiled to the max!
Lots of love and skritches to you, adorable Sidney!