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Here is the post from this morning:

Mom dropped me off at the vets this morning. Yesterday was a pretty bad day...I wasn't sure what I was doing most of the day and I was seeming to have some trouble peeing. The vet is going to try to get me to drink some water because my bladder is about the size of a pea right now. They will give me fluids too. Mom and Dad are worried that it maybe getting close to the end. They don't want me to be in pain and I've lived 20 good years especially the last 10 months with my new mom and dad have been wonderful. If you could keep me in your thoughts today, I know mom and dad would appreciate it. The vet is glad to hear that I ate canned food last night and this morning and drank a little bit. Mom and Dad put water in my canned food so I'd get extra water. The vet told my Mom and Dad that I have a heart murmur now. Happy thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Sandy

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