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    Hello Cherri, What an adorable little dog you are! I'd like to give you a hug. I enjoyed reading about you and there is no doubt but that you were loved and are loved which is great for you. It sure sounds as if you have a wonderful life with your family and I hope all of you will have many more years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    I think my heart just exploded!

    I gasped out loud when I saw your adorable little face, sweetie! You are the most adorable little pupper I've seen in a long time. I wish I had a precious little angel like you to be around all the time. Happy Dog of the Day!

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    Hello pretty little Cherri and Happy DOTD to you! I'm glad you found a new family that is taking such good care of you and spoiling you! Enjoy your day!
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    What a face!! So cute. I recently took in a dog that needed a home. They show such love and gratitude.

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    Darling Cherri!

    Greetings Cherri! A very happy Dog of the Day to you!!!
    What an adorable "monkey pup" you are, simply irresistible! I SO enjoyed taking in your heart melting, very professional photo spread, learning a bit about your coveted breed, the Affenpinscher, and of course, all about your wonderful new life! I'm so happy knowing that you are just as loved and cherished by your new Mommy as you were by your former family. It's never easy having to re-home a beloved furkid, and while I'm sure your first family misses you very very much, no doubt they take great comfort in knowing that for all the days of your life you will be loved and cherished for the very special girl that you are! What joy you bring to your Mommy's days, sweetheart, and how blessed are you, Cherri, having a forever human as devoted as yours; what a team!
    Your Mommy is rightfully proud of her beautiful girl, and we here so lucky to have a Dog of the Day honoree as deserving as you!
    Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweet baby girl; jumping up on the furniture, cuddling under the covers of the "big bed," being spoiled to the max!
    Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, adorable Cherri!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Happy DOTD Cherri--Your big eyes are awesome, the whole you is awesome. Let your mom spoil you today (and everyday), have a most wonderful day.

    I've been frosted--- thank you Cassie'smom

    I've been Boo'd----

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    Hi Miss Cherri. What a darling little fuzz-nugget you are! I've seen your breed in various dog show competitions, but never in person. Sure wish I lived close by to you - I'd be a regular visitor. I enjoyed reading all about you today, and I'm so happy that you have such a wonderful home and loving Mom, and that you definitely fit the bill of "pampered pooch"! Hoping that you are enjoying this very special day today, as you are honored as DOTD. Smooches to you, pretty girl.
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    There is not enough hrs. in the day to say how cute and sublime wee Cherri is! So glad she's DOTD. Hope ya'll had the best day, peace and love from B.C.

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    You're a little cutie Cherri! Congrats on being DOTD!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Hey, Cherri, you are an adorable little thing! You must have a big heart in that tiny body. How lucky you were to have two loving homes in your life.


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