Just wanted to take a moment to remember my dogs that have passed on...

Rasty. '85-'94. the dog that started my love of dogs. my life saver. though i don't have memories of our time together, my first memory in life is the day i came home from daycare and you were not there to great me. I hope in heaven they have all the cheerios your heart desires.

Sammy. Nov. 19, 1994-August 28, 2001. MY first dog. my first happy memory in life. even at 2 years old, I had a great knack for picking the best dogs. well, Sam picked me i guess. he climbed on my lap and chose me as his. to love and cherish his whole *short* life. 6 years was too young for you Bubba, and not a day goes by that i don't miss my boy.

Turbo. June 15, 2011- August 26, 2011. Your life was much too short. My little Beagley boy you were such a perfect fit to our family while you were a part of it.

Buddy. ?-May 13, 2012. Approx. 12 years old. Budward...where to begin. We miss you so much boy. It's still hard to believe that you aren't around anymore. It seems like just yesterday we were hiking through the woods, having sleep overs, and playing ball. Maya misses you like crazy, and still looks for you every time we come by the house. She loves you very much, as do all of us that you left behind. You were exactly what you were called...a buddy. best friend. we miss you so very much Buggetta.