The more I read about this story (which is big in our news because it is close by), the more baffled I become.

Last week, 49 cattle were stolen from a local farm,, in Dartmouth, Mass, which is near the RI border. They have an estimated value of $50,000. These are animals raised for beef. This is a community farmer, with 2 farmers owning the animals stolen. They raise the cattle as a side hobby to make a bit of extra money; and they are sold to and used by Muslims for their Eid Al-Adha, which is October 26th this year. Officials have located 39 of the cattle at an auction in Pennsylvania. The farmers went down to arrange for the return of the animals. Poor things, they were 'roughed up' from the travel,(I didn't put this in the Dog House so I won't go into detail on this part) which helped to identify them. The farmers had other means of identifying their cattle. No word on the other 10 as yet.

I've never seen a cattle trailer, only horse trailers, which will haul 2 or 4 animals at a time. So if you have 4 cattle per trailer, you need 13 trailers -- with 13 trucks to haul them -- which means 13 drivers, right? So the cattle rustlers are a good sized gang of people.

And now, the farmers involved had to arrange for . . . . 13 trailers? with 13 trucks and drivers? Astounding!

I admit to not knowing a thing about farm life. The articles have no mention of the farmers having insurance to cover the transport cost.