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Subject: Fwd: Looking for feral advice-more pics

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I received this email from a neighbor a few blocks away. Another sad story where other neighbors are complaining because the cats are using their garden as the poop nice caring person needs to stop feeding kitties who have now lost a great deal of weight but still continue to hang out at nice neighbors house.

I suggested a community sandbox and even offered to trap them and bring them to vet to get fixed but neighbor doesn't think that will not stop the pooping in neighbors yard...these cats are stunning although classified as ferals...

if you know of anyone looking for barn cats or a place that these cats could live safely outdoors please contact me ASAP and i will contact my neighbor.

If YOU HAVE A SITE where you post pics like this please do so, these cats are way too gorgeous to have animal control come, trap them and bring them to Newark and have them euthanized.

Too bad South Orange and Maplewood cannot work with caring folk that are willing to spend the time, energy and money to perform TNR...I guess it's just easier to kill everything problem solved.


>>> Sent: Sun, Sep 2, 2012 12:24 pm
>>> Subject: Looking for feral advice
>>> We've been feeding 3 feral cats for about a year, and now our neighbor
>>> has requested twice (politely) that we stop, since the cats are using
>>> her garden as a litter box. We did stop leaving dry food out for them
>>> almost two weeks ago, but they are still coming and hanging around,
>>> looking much thinner than before. These cats are not adoptable, they
>>> hiss and scamper away whenever we get almost close enough to touch
>>> them. But they do approach to a safe distance when they see us get home
>>> from work or leave the house in the morning
>>> We assumed that if we stopped feeding them, they would locate another
>>> source of food.
>>> Question: Will these ferals actually starve themselves to death if we
>>> continue not to feed them?
>>> As a cat lover, what would be your suggested course of action?
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