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Thread: Pretty Princess Pixel

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    Pretty Princess Pixel

    Pixel, you seem to be a very special kitty. We just have to look at your colors- I don't think I ever saw a kitty in such an elegant pink and blue harlequin suit.
    And of course your tortietude comes in a little dilute too, because you seem to be a very sweet and playful girl with only a little 'tude
    Have a wonderful day today -I think a new pair of foam earplugs may be in order, and a little catnip too

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    Miss Pixel, what a beautiful tortie girl you are with your dilute colors and your full coat! I really like the picture of you being a snow kitty I hope you have a wonderful day of keeping company with your person, playing with your fav ear-plug toys, and being loved! Happy Cat of the Day to you!
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    My goodness Pixel you sure did change from scrappy kitten to amazingly magnificent! Wow you are a true beauty inside and out. I loved your pictures -wish i could see even more! Its so nice that you keep your person happy and smiling with your quirky antics. I wish you many more happy years together. Happy Cat of the Day to you -enjoy!

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    "Some more, please?"

    That's what (IMHO) it looks like pretty Pixel is asking for in the first photo. Like in Oliver Twist And just like Dicken's character, she seems to have finally found a happy furrever home. And BTW with her 'tortitud seems like anything she asks for she will get. And why not!

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    Wow... Pixel is a gorgeous kitty! Love her colors and markings.

    She sounds like a great companion and source of entertainment.

    Perfect cat for being our COTD today.

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    You're such a cute little kitty Pixel! Congrats on being COTD! Have a fun day!
    Forever in my heart...

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    What a beautiful girl you are, Miss Pixel! So cute and sweet. No wonder your Purrrrrrson loves you so very much!

    Congratulations on being selected today's Cat of the Day, Pixel! We hope you and your friend are celebrating with lots of fun and lovies and treats ...and a few new ear plugs to play with.

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    Sweet Pixel, you are such a breathtaking beauty, my gosh!
    I love especially the first picture (in fact it is the wallpaper of my pc from today on )

    Congratulations for being our COTD, I hope you're having a terrific day

    Love and lots kisses

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    What a beautiful kitty! You are so lucky to have found this wonderful little friend.

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    Pixel is gorgeous! What a magnificent COTD! That picture of her in the snow is priceless, have the best day Peace and love

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    Hello Pixel, What a pretty girl you are! Wow! You were adopted at only a month old; you sure did grow to be a very beautiful cat. I enjoyed all the photos but as others have said, I like the snow pic the most. I hope you have many years with your family. Congrats on being COTD!

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    What a stunning little girl you are Pixel. The camera loves you and you know it sweetie. Have an amazing day little one and enjoy being the beautiful princess that you are.
    Yours in Whiskers

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    Pixel, you're a blessing to me!

    Okay, maybe this is going to sound crazy, but here goes...thank you Pixel!
    A couple of nights ago I had a dream that Rusty (passed away last Christmas Eve) came running toward me and was very loving, even pressed his forehead against my leg. But unlike in real life where he was a fluffy orange tabby, in my dream he was a short haired light gray cat with salmon colored patches. I have never seen a cat with those colors before, not ever! I didn't even know they existed. So I look at today's Cat of the Day and who do I see? Lovely, beautiful Pixel! Same colors as in my dream... but she's a long hair like Rusty was! Coincidence? Maybe. But Pixel, thank you for being COTD. I think in the big scheme of things, in a way we can't comprehend, you brought me a message. You're so beautiful! Inside and out! :-)

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    dear miss pixel

    thank you for being cat of the day.. you are very sweet beautiful kitty and i love you.. pat n diane 20120903.1134

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    She is one stunningly beautiful cat!!


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