Groucho had another visit with Dr. Pearson yesterday. He has gained a half pound since his last checkup and Dr. Pearson is very happy about that. Doctor also decided to change his diet to a higher calorie allergy food and medication to help his inflamation. I have to call Dr. Pearson in about a month to let her know how he's doing on the new food.

There are still litter box problems. Sometimes he'll use it and sometimes he still leaves Groucho bombs around the house. I did get a different litter than usual and a very good friend suggested going back to what he's used to since he may not like the new litter. I also mentioned it to Dr. Pearson, sometimes his poop is rather loose and other times it's normal. She said the new litter could be a factor. She said because of the inflamation he could have had some pain in going and he connects the pain to the litter box, he's just trying to avoid any discomfort by not using it. While we were there, Groucho had a little "accident" in his carrier. Since it was the looser sample, I decided to tell Dr. Pearson before cleaning it up. When she checked, it answered a few questions for her. Fortunately she found no blood in his deposit. One of her techs cleaned the carrier while Doctor and I talked about his checkup.

Things were running a bit behind at the vet's yesterday and the receptionist told me something about the practice I didn't know. Dr. Pearson and Dr. Horn participate in TNR! She told me that some of the staff will go out and humanely trap any strays in the area. The cats are brought in, examined, spay/neutered, given any treatment they need then put up for adoption whenever possible. If I wasn't sold on this vet clinic already, this would definitely seal the deal.