This is random, and honestly brings me back to the days when Mikey first came home with me.

My parents have been away for the whole weekend (woooo) and I have had work and yesterday I left Mikey for about 8 hours alone. I DO have an excuse, I was helping a friend of mine move into her college dorm. I felt awful because I hadn't thought it would take that LONG But anyway, Mikey had peed in the hallway, all his water was drunk. He hasn't peed in the house in over 2 years. I cleaned it and covered the smell obviously, but I am wondering if he will now start making a habit of this? It wasn't marking it was a full-on pee puddle. I just am asking 'cause, well I really don't want to go through that again. He is SUCH a good boy, and I am just thinkin' it was an accident and he REALLY had to go (who could blame him?)...thanks for any input.