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Thread: Merrick Dog Food

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    Merrick Dog Food

    Anyone else feed their dog Merrick? What do you think of their new kibble? Fenway eats Grammys Pot Pie. But now it's called "classic" and there's a small breed food. I don't know what the difference is between the old and new kibble.

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    From their website, it seems the food recipes have changed "completely."

    Seems the recipe is the same just the size of the kibble is different, in the "classic" line.

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    To me I would not be comfortable feeding this as a daily diet for my pets. Its chicken and peas. I don't like feeding a diet of mostly legumes. I would be concerned about too much vitamin K for one. Another thing is they hide the "animal digest" byproduct by calling it fermentation products with the scientific names for the bacteria in the end of the ingredients. Enterococcus faecium is poop. Those hard-to-pronounce ingredients at the end are just the junk from the intestines of the animals at the slaughterhouse. I find it shady when so-called good pet foods hide things like that. The only good thing about this food is it does not use fake vitamin K (menadione) which is dangerous for any living creature to consume.
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