Hi Allegra! Happy Pet of the Day to you, beautiful baby bunny! How what a precious little furry one you are, off the charts precious! And your story, equally as special, and utterly heart melting! That's one special rescuer you had there in your Daddy, all 6 plus feet of him taking on your wee little self! I smiled from ear to ear, picturing him on his hands and knees, coaxing you into his arms! Of course you knew all along just where you wanted to be, didn't you sweetheart, and oh, what a happy beginning it has been!

And having been a life long Mom to guinea pigs, I have to tell you I let out the biggest oooh and ahhh when I open up that shot of you and furry sibs in your playpen! I'm not sure if the guinea pigs are that big (I've been Mom to a few super sized ones, hehe), or if you're that tiny! Well, regardless, you all couldn't be more adorable if you tried, and your famil so very lucky to have been so serendipitously blessed with a new addition as beautiful and sweet and loving as you!

Thanks so much for starting my morning off with the biggest smile, Allegra! Enjoy your big day on center stage, celebrating with the wheekers and your proud Mom and Dad, being pampered to pieces! Amd here's a lifetime of happy, carefree, love filled days with your wonderful forever family!

Love and cuddles and little kisses to you, adorable Allegra!
P.S...Houw could anyone not want you? Just look at those photos!!!