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    Please help me!!!!!

    Lolli and Buddy, my two English Springer Spaniels, are both about 1 1/2 yrs old. They are really energetic and we live on about two acres of land. They live outside and I use Invisible Fence. Overnight they destroy everything...and I mean everything. Garden hoses, toys, anything that gets left in their reach. So, I solved that problem and I kennel them at night. This morning my mom told me that they started digging at the side of the house during the day when I'm at work. They dug out the pipe made to direct rain water away from the house and they pulled insulation away from the side of the house.Knowing them, they'll probably start on the siding next If our landlord sees this, I may have to part with my dogs, and I can't do that! I know they are bored. They don't do this when I am home. Please, any suggestions on how to stop them and how to keep them from being bored! Thanks
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