I recieved a lovely gift last week. I had offered one of my baby corn snakes in trade to someone else for one of theirs. That person turned down my offer because she is out of space for new animals, then countered by offering me one of her babies for free! I paid her for the shipping,and my new girl arrived a few days ago. CLICK HERE to see pictures of her color morph. Since she's still a baby she's currently a golden/tan, and as she gorws she will lighten and brighten in color until she's a vibrant, rich yellow.

These pictures are from Christen Malchow of Christen's Corns. I haven't taken any yet because as soon as her "settling in" period was over, I fed her and now I need to let her digest for a few days before I disturb her again. Oops!

I'm super indecisive about what to name her. Saffron and Citrine were names I really liked, but both of those are the names of other corn snake morphs, so that doesn't work at all! So I've been knocking around a variety of "yellow" names, and I'm open to suggestions too!