Good morning Anoushka! Happy Dog of the Day to you and to your young person/handler, too!
To say you are beautiful would be an understatement!!! Oh, those spectacular, sparkling blue eyes of yours, that fluffy, snow white coat, simply gorgeous! And I can see from your exquisite photo spread that you're quite the talented, accomplished athlete as well! Kudos to you and your young handler for nabbing the blue ribbon in the "Prettiest Female," and "Best Young Handler" categories! Mighty impressive accomplishments indeed, and you both should be very proud! And while I'm sure you'll be racking up my more awards in the show ring down the road, it's as a loyal and loving best friend, a devoted companion to your person that your star shines most brightly! Your human is truly blessed to have a furkid as special as you in her life!
Thanks for starting my day off with a big smile, sweetheart! Enjoy a very happy, fun filled Dog of the Day, being treated to all your big, beautiful heart desires, and more! You sure deserve it!
Love and a big hug to you, beautiful Anoushka!