The baby shower for my youngest daughter is fast approaching. Thanks to the encouragement of others on here, I decided to design a baby blanket as a big part of my gift. The stroller, pac-n-play, and high chair all have blue elephants. So I decided to embroider some blue elephants on the blankie. Mikey was making the sewing part rather difficult tonight as he would not move.

Mikey decided this blankie is HIS.... if kitty looks could kill. I finally gave up and let him have the blanket for the night. I will finish the elephants tomorrow and work on a blue and gray border -- If he lets me

Sigh.... I suppose he would consider it his because he's "helped" me every night this week and took to laying on it the moment it got big enough to fit his ample rump.

Anyone predict that I'll make an official Mikey blankie in the not too distant future? Maybe embroidered mousies?

And how much fun will I have painting the small leather storage cubes I got as another part of my gift? I am betting Trixie will take up resisence inside as I paint the outside.