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Thread: Chloe and her dental cleaning

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    Chloe and her dental cleaning

    Chloe is at the Vet's right now. I just got off the phone with the Vet. Chloe had several extractions due to rotted teeth, broken teeth and bad gums. She came into this problem within one year. I have her teeth checked each year and this year she didn't pass inspections, thus the scheduled cleaning.

    As some of you may know, I have two Abyssinian cats and they are currently enemies. I spoke with a pet psychic and was told that one cat hates how the other one "smells" which makes sense since Chloe had rotting teeth!

    I can hardly catch Chloe to check her mouth and so her mouth gets opened once a year at the vet. Both Abys are a mess to handle. They wiggle, squirm, scratch, bite, and wrangle their way out of your arms and hands. I can never pill them or groom them. As kittens they were a tad easier but as they aged, it became impossible. You can pill them once, then they know what is going to happen and they can't be caught for pill #2. They can tell when you add meds to their foods as well.

    I have another cat, Lucy, a big black barn cat that makes up for the wiggles mentioned above. She is cool, calm and collected and you can do anything you want to her.

    So, I will keep Chloe in her own room for a few days, until the stitches heal in her mouth and then we will see if they still fight. I may give them a little more than just a few days before exposing them to each other.

    This keeping the two Abys apart has been a royal pain the neck, making sure certain doors are closed etc. They really go at it when they see each other. I hope this dental repair will repair their personalities. The vet seems to think it will. We shall see.

    Thanks for listening!
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