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Thread: Chloe and her dental cleaning

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    Chloe and her dental cleaning

    Chloe is at the Vet's right now. I just got off the phone with the Vet. Chloe had several extractions due to rotted teeth, broken teeth and bad gums. She came into this problem within one year. I have her teeth checked each year and this year she didn't pass inspections, thus the scheduled cleaning.

    As some of you may know, I have two Abyssinian cats and they are currently enemies. I spoke with a pet psychic and was told that one cat hates how the other one "smells" which makes sense since Chloe had rotting teeth!

    I can hardly catch Chloe to check her mouth and so her mouth gets opened once a year at the vet. Both Abys are a mess to handle. They wiggle, squirm, scratch, bite, and wrangle their way out of your arms and hands. I can never pill them or groom them. As kittens they were a tad easier but as they aged, it became impossible. You can pill them once, then they know what is going to happen and they can't be caught for pill #2. They can tell when you add meds to their foods as well.

    I have another cat, Lucy, a big black barn cat that makes up for the wiggles mentioned above. She is cool, calm and collected and you can do anything you want to her.

    So, I will keep Chloe in her own room for a few days, until the stitches heal in her mouth and then we will see if they still fight. I may give them a little more than just a few days before exposing them to each other.

    This keeping the two Abys apart has been a royal pain the neck, making sure certain doors are closed etc. They really go at it when they see each other. I hope this dental repair will repair their personalities. The vet seems to think it will. We shall see.

    Thanks for listening!
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    I hope that everything will go smoothly with Chloe's dental and that she'll heal up quickly. Yes, I would definitely keep them separated for a while. You also need the vet smell to wear off of her too. Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent her way.
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    Oh, poor little Chloe! You know she is one of our heart kitties and you know how much I can relate to Aby behavior when you want to pill them, check them, help them!!!
    I am sure the little girl will feel much better now and I hope Juni Rose will think that Chloe smells a lot better

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    Poor Chloe - no wonder she was cranky, that must have been sore! Hopefully you an gradually reintroduce them, and peace will reign!
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    She seems fine now

    I picked her up around 3:30. They did five extractions, three being molars and really difficult, taking 45 minutes each! Needless to say my bill was three times what they quoted me. I am broke now! She is on one medication that I will put in her food. They gave her a long acting pain shot and fluids while she was there. I will keep a close eye on her tonight and let her sleep where ever she wants to, and keeping Ms. Juni locked in her room for a couple of nights.

    The vet seems to think that her mouth was really painful for her even though she gave me no indication she was in pain. The vet said that that is common with cats. He also thinks that Juni could detect the decay in Chloe's mouth and wanted to finish her off. Sounds awful, but that happens in the wild all the time. The sick get killed.

    Anywho. I will let you know how the cats progress and of course, if they ever become friends again!

    Fingers crossed.

    Oh, by the way, she had NO tartar on her teeth. And her gums were fine, too. Go figure.

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    Healing prayers from RI for Chloe. She will feel lots better in a few days.

    Paws crossed they both get along after that.


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