Hi my name is Jenny also know as JennyCupcakes. I am 19 years old and owns a Tan German Shepherd and a Collie.
Lulu, my Collie at 4 months.

Kyna, my German Shepherd at 6 months.

A little story about my Shepherd. I rescued him and his 4 little brothers and sisters and gave them all a nice home for free after nurturing them back to health. I have gotten the other 4 pups about two or three weeks before I gotten Kyna and he was in the worst shape of them all. His belly was full of worms and parasites and his body was almost hairless due to fleas, ticks, and mange. But now, he has grown into a beautiful boy and I am very grateful that I saved him that day.
****Picture of Kyna when I FIRST got him****
Click if you dare http://puu.sh/YgtJ

Thank you for reading if you enjoy looking at my pictures I also have a DeviantArt webpage @ www.jennycupcakes.deviantart.com