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He's doing very well. Funny thing is, he no longer wants to eat dry, only wet. I suppose that's good in a cat that suffers from chronic FLUTD. I talked to my vet and she really wants me to see the specialist, but Ming is doing so well that I don't want to use any of you people's generous donations for him. I will figure out how to get the money out of my Paypal account and return it to everyone. I don't feel right using it if there is no longer an emergency.
I'm so glad to hear that Ming is still doing well. Feeding him canned food is a great idea. If I were you, I'd still see the specialist to at least talk about other options Ming may have other than surgery. You certainly don't want to wait until he becomes blocked again and then you don't have the time to try the other options. I would also hold onto the money for a while. It hasn't even been 2 weeks yet and your vet said that he could still block at any time. I hope he'll never block again but unfortunately a cat like Ming probably will at some point. Please look into the other options while he's doing well. Lots more prayers and positive thoughts are being sent his way.