First, I suggest you try Karen's idea (I love the acting part, Karen!) Make that point that it is disruptive to YOU (make the cats a secondary argument), that this is your home and you can't concentrate, rest, do whatever you are doing when the dog is barking. Maybe (think about this) have a suggestion ready, that they move to another area (have one to direct them to), that they have some treats with them and make this a training opportunity with their dog. Go out and talk to them the minute the dog starts, don't wait till you are steaming mad! And go out time after time after time, each and every time. Remember, this will seem a bother, it is (supposedly!) a temporary thing and you want to make it THEIR nuisance, not yours, that they cannot just sit and ignore the dog without "oh oh here she comes." Wear 'em down!

Next, how big is this complex? You must be on friendly terms with someone there! Ask them for a copy of the condo docs, rules, regulations. This is not a 'neighborhood association," this is a condo association. Use the proper terms when speaking with the folks, that will help! Ask when the next meeting is, too.

I also agree with Ellie / Pomzu, walking past is ok, standing there letting the dog bark in YOUR window is off the radar rude!