Hi Mojito! A very happy Pet of the Day to you, cutie pie! What a privilege, to be the first to congratulate you on your much deserved day atop Pet Talk's "top perch!" What a beautiful, simply adorable Indian Ringneck Parakeet you are! Your expression is priceless, and heart melting, and oh, that citrus green coloring of yours, with that contrasting orange beak, eye poppingly beautiful! And if I were as good looking as you, I I'd be "practicing" in the mirror all day too! I had to laugh when I read of your fear of brooms...but not vacuums! And how sweet a sight it must be, you huddled against your cage in a ball at bedtime!
What a joyful, gentle, loving (and smart!) best feathered friend you are, Mojito, and your family so very lucky to have you in their lives, bringing them endless smiles and laughs...and kisses!
Thanks for putting a big smile on my face, sweetheart! I hope you and your Parrot sib are both enjoying a very happy, fun and love filled day of celebration!
Gentle cuddles and little kisses to you, adorable Mojito! Long and happy life to you!