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Thread: Water needed and big fire in Spain (shelter in need)

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    Water needed and big fire in Spain (shelter in need)

    last week.. a spanish rescue shelter came in need through a dry saison is the waterwell dry (temperature right now there is more then 104°F)... pump broke up.. and a lot of dogs of the shelter had no water anymore.. it was all mud and brown water.
    What happend.... we people who conserned about the dogs overthere started to donate action so the shelter could buy water..
    a compagny donate a new waterpump but the well is still dry so the pump has no use at the moment...
    They asked help to the city there but got the reply "take the dogs to a killingshelter and yor problem is solved" the city refused water by pipelines so there are standing with their back against the wall... the spanish mentality is very awfull against their animals.

    Maybe you will ask whats my consern by them... well i adopted my little guy from those organisation so i am very concerned what happend by the dogs there.. this morning i got the message that some of the puppy's are dead or are dying right now because they were drinking of the bad brown water... the people there were too late to see.... lot of their adult dogs are recovering now ... that was the update of today..
    BY intresting You can follow everything on this facebook page...or even donate if possible every euro every dollar is so welcome right now

    donation on : Solbank banco Sabadel Calahonda
    Accountnumber : 0081.0619.5800.0145.7846
    IBAN: ES74.0081.0619.5800.0145.7846
    ANIMAL CARE ESPANA Honden in nood
    note : Waterhelp!
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