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Thread: Water needed and big fire in Spain (shelter in need)

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    Water needed and big fire in Spain (shelter in need)

    last week.. a spanish rescue shelter came in need through a dry saison is the waterwell dry (temperature right now there is more then 104°F)... pump broke up.. and a lot of dogs of the shelter had no water anymore.. it was all mud and brown water.
    What happend.... we people who conserned about the dogs overthere started to donate action so the shelter could buy water..
    a compagny donate a new waterpump but the well is still dry so the pump has no use at the moment...
    They asked help to the city there but got the reply "take the dogs to a killingshelter and yor problem is solved" the city refused water by pipelines so there are standing with their back against the wall... the spanish mentality is very awfull against their animals.

    Maybe you will ask whats my consern by them... well i adopted my little guy from those organisation so i am very concerned what happend by the dogs there.. this morning i got the message that some of the puppy's are dead or are dying right now because they were drinking of the bad brown water... the people there were too late to see.... lot of their adult dogs are recovering now ... that was the update of today..
    BY intresting You can follow everything on this facebook page...or even donate if possible every euro every dollar is so welcome right now

    donation on : Solbank banco Sabadel Calahonda
    Accountnumber : 0081.0619.5800.0145.7846
    IBAN: ES74.0081.0619.5800.0145.7846
    ANIMAL CARE ESPANA Honden in nood
    note : Waterhelp!
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    Oh how sad! Thank you for posting this.

    I just shared the link on my FB page.

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    later in the afternoon (most are taking siesta in spain) will they call a man who can look if there is its possible to make the well deeper till they find water ... my heart was bleeding when i heard that puppys are dead by drinking bad water (last water in the well before its was completly dry) ...
    thx for sharing....

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    newest update 22/08

    A compagny went to look to make the well deeper .. the refugio needs a agreement of the city .; this will take a week normaly to ge it.... when they don't have it they have to pay 30.000€ the agreement is about 1000$ and each metre to drill is about 60$ might they have to go about 100Metres to find water again..
    At least its a solution on anything else... they cant rebuild the refugio like they want cos its rented and the owner is not always agree to do things in Spain.. Spanish people had a total other vieuw then other people on animals... greyhonds, galgo and bodengo are just abused by them.. shot, hanging or beaten up is common overthere.. small dogs are being used as playball.. or beaten up ... its a hell to live for dogs and cats.

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    We hope the deeper well will be dug, and be good for the future of both the refuge and the animals.
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    not only waterproblem also big fires in Spain

    This week was pretty chaotic for the rescueshelter ACE... thursdaynigt a fire destroyed lot of woods....

    for those of you who have not heard there was a massive fire thursdaynight in Mijas and Kim's Animal Recue (another rescueshelter) was all but destroyed. Thankfully down to the help of some fantastic people, all of the animals were taken to safety and
    there were no serious injuries. All dogs of ACE volunteers and shelter are sfe for the moment... dogs of spanish people who were chained are burned up...lot of people lost their home and everything.
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    fires ion Spain (update)

    they still don't have water in their well, but survive on the water that they buy.
    The dogs don't notice there's a shortage when it comes to drinking; only that their swimming pools are only half full and they have to miss their daily 'waterfall' on their bodies to cool down a bit in the immense heat, every day.
    But the main thing is they are safe….. the fire was so close, on top of the shelter. they could feel the heat, standing on our mountain. The smoke was awful, thick, sickening…. they have made such a narrow escape….

    The fire brigade has stated the situation is "in control"…. But the smouldering fires that are everwhere are still very dangerous, they all fear the fire will start again as it is so dry.
    The COSTA DEL SOL, once a beautiful paradise, has, in only a couple of hours, changed into a depressing, lifeless landscape….. black, scarred, dead….it is so saddening to see this once beautiful nature swept away by these enormous camp fires. The beauty is gone for a long, long time. Over a 1000 hectares are demolished.

    This fire has taken humans and animals in its fierce attack. Especially animals that were left behind became victims of the flames, like dogs that were chained and had no chance at all. There is a lot of misery, sadness and grief; many injured, one person lost his life. No one speaks about the animals that are gone, while we took several dogs with rescue in their van last Thursday night, when they went back to rescue the last two dogs at Diane's house (volunteer)… An old boy lay in front of her house, very thirsty and one leg broken…. Another one was on the road and followed us immediately. They have been picked up from the refugio by their owners already, but at that time, when they needed them most, their owners had completely forgotten to take care of them…

    The economic situation is very worrying; it will take many years to recover. Many houses have burnt down, people are homeless, complete families own nothing more than the clothes they were wearing that night…as if the crisis in Spain wasn't bad enough already.
    Let us hope faith will change – the situation is very, very bad.
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    fires under controle

    Today an update with some good news

    Wounded and bad burned animals getting treatment for free by vets.
    The fires are under controle at the moment.
    Lot of people are calling the shelter if the may bring drinkingwater for the dogs ... they even can't storage at the moment anymore so they asked to wait till later this week to bring water again.
    and my ear cathed up they didn't have any fire extinguisher in their shelter so i mailed a lot this morning and a fire safety compagny will donate 10 of them...Just have to find a way to get it all to Spain from Belgium.


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