I hope it's temporary.

I heard him throwing up early this morning. It was a hairball. I put hairball stuff in his food every 3 - 4 days, as per the directions, but occasionally this happens.

He was uninterested in his food this morning, went into my bedroom where he usually likes to be brushed. I used my furminator comb and he enjoyed it - but no purring, just the usual elevator butt.

He went to lie down behind a chair in the living room. He has been very quiet and still, lying on his side - I think he is still having pain from some hair that won't pass through him. I just moved the chair and put some hairball gel right on his paws. Hopefully that will help.

Asking for prayers that my fluffy boy feels like himself soon. The vet is open tomorrow but I hope he doesn't have to go in.

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