Hi there Buddy! A very happy Pet of the Day to you! I'm honored to be the first to congratulate you on your much deserved day in the spotlight!
What a gorgeous Corn snake you are, Buddy! Your markings are so striking, and your *sunkist* coloring as beautiful as a sunny day!
And what a sweet and gentle snake you are as well! I have no doubt you're going to do great in your therapy work, and hopefully you'll get to visit schools as well, teaching kids all about your very special species, and the rewards of Corn snake guardianship! And though I doubt ANYONE could love you more than your very proud and devoted young person, I'm right behind her/him in admiration of your beautiful self! How you are to have one another, best friends for life, and I hope for you and your human many, many more wonderful years of shared love and companionship!
Thanks for the BIG smiles, Buddy! Enjoy a very special day of celebration, basking in the glow of your Pet of the Day honors (and your heat lamp), being spoiled rotten!
Lots of love to you, beautiful Buddy! And belated happy 7th birthday wishes, too!