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Thread: I've just made a Paypal account for Ming

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    Yay, such good news! Keep up the good work, Ming!
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    He just keeps peeing and peeing. Yesssss!!! Not eating on his own yet, but he is drinking and peeing. I am soooo happy!
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    ROFL! The things we love in our babies and rejoice over! Like a baby kitten's first litterbox poop! This is such great news!
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    Fingers crossed

    I hope Ming is on the mend. If he does get well, and we only hope he does, do you think you will still go forward with the surgery? Is he going to be on a special diet? Maybe you should chat with Fister's Meowmie to see what made her decide to have the big operation for Fister. I know it was stressful for all involved but he seems to have zero issues now.

    Maybe you should hang on to the funds collected in case you need to rush him back for the procedure. My guess is that if it happens again, it won't be pretty and you will know right away.

    Anywho, I am glad he is peeing up a storm and feeling much better. Now, to get him to eat! I assume he is drinking up a storm too.

    (((((((((( Ming))))))))

    And maybe you can relax a little now.

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    He's not out of the woods yet, just better. My vet wants me to call her tomorrow or the next day and discuss this. She says the specialist may want to try another form of treatment before they try surgery. She told me there are more treatments out there now. I am just waiting until tomorrow or the next day to see what I am going to do. My vet said it wasn't a matter of IF he will block again, but WHEN. It could be years before he blocks again, or it could be a week. I'll let you guys know what's going to happen when I know myself.
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    I'm so relieved that he's peeing and drinking on his own. From my own experience with my RB Storm, the surgeon told me that he had a very small opening in his urethra so it was only a matter of time before he became blocked. She also said that she didn't understand why more vets just didn't recommend the PU surgery because she said the more they were catheterized for blocking then the more likely that scar tissue would form and then the PU surgery would just be much more difficult. As far as I knew Storm was only catherized once because the second time he became blocked the ER couldn't even put a catheter in him because he already had the scar tissue. This is also the reason why the ER recommended that I get a board certified surgeon to perform his surgery and it also cost me a lot more. The results were wonderful and he never had blockage issues ever again. He did have some UTI infections and some crystals but when I changed his diet to a grain free one he never had any more urinary problems. It was like a miracle. I know that every cat is different and results will vary.

    I hope that Ming will continue to do well and that if a new treatment is tried on him that he'll respond well and hopefully won't need any surgery. I know that things keep improving in the medical field but unfortunately the costs keep going up. You should still try to raise some money for him regardless. Good luck.
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    I'm so glad that Ming is doing better. This is great for him, and will also buy you some extra time to get a plan in the works. Good luck!

    Keep doing better, Ming!
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