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Thread: Marvellous Margo the Meezer!

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    Marvellous Margo the Meezer!

    What a beauty! Actually I think that as with most kitties - she adopted you ! Enjoy your turn as COTD sweetie!

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    Margo, you're a real beauty and I'm so glad that you finally found the right loving and caring forever home. I also have a small Meezer and she also tries to boss even the larger cats around. Congrats on being COTD!!!
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    Wow! Margo, you look like a stunning Tabby-point Siamese with snowshoe toes! Your markings are so striking!

    Have a wonderful day as COTD beautiful Margo, and let Diego have some fun on your special day too!
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    Margo is a perfect example of why I only donate money to organizations that run no-kill shelters. Too many pets have their lives snuffed out for no reason other than that their existence is an "inconvenience" to humans. Lucky for Margo, that she finally found humans with the patience to help her work through her fear... I'd be shy too if I'd been through what she'd had to deal with previously!

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    Hello, lovely Margo meezer! You do remind me so much of KAK's Pearl! I like your bright blue eyes and your wonderful meezer markings! Oh boy, I can tell who is in charge at your house -- You! And I hope you, Diego and your people all have a wonderful day of celebrating today. Happy Cat of the Day to you, Margo!
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    Margo! I cannot decide which is prettier...your blue eyes...your silvery sleek marble-like fur. Oh! It is the total package I am in love with! Including those delightful ears. Like my Edwina you know that power doesn't cme from size... it is a state of mind....she too rules her much bigger brother!

    Congrats to our Cat of the Day!! Margo!

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    Awww, Margo found the perfect lovin' home for herself with the best peeps! What a pretty girl she is So glad she found ya and you have all the patience she so desperately needs! Oh happy day and very lovely COTD, peace and love

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    Thanks so much!

    Quote Originally Posted by gstradtman View Post
    Margo is a perfect example of why I only donate money to organizations that run no-kill shelters. Too many pets have their lives snuffed out for no reason other than that their existence is an "inconvenience" to humans. Lucky for Margo, that she finally found humans with the patience to help her work through her fear... I'd be shy too if I'd been through what she'd had to deal with previously!
    Gee I wish there were more people like you and your boyfriend. I have been a volunteer for a no kill shelter and now am with a no kill rescue and not to mention the number of people who abandon without even looking back, the number who adopt, after proper screening where they say how patient they will be etc. but then call us one or a few days later saying it's not working (cat hiding, not eating enough, cat hissed when they tried to pick them up, etc.) is very frustrating. As you said, it was worth the wait and now you have a wonderful friend in Margo and she has a loving home. Love these success stories - purrrfect! And thanks to gstradtman for donating to no kills - I assure you it is greatly appreciated.
    Please have your pets sterilized as soon as possible to lower, and one day hopefully eliminate, unwanted and abandoned pets. It IS our responsibility. Adopting from a shelter also helps - encouraging breeders just adds to the overpopulation.
    Angel Beyli's Mom thanks you!

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    Beautiful, marvelous Margo!

    Hi Margo! Happy Cat of the Day to you! Oh yes, you truly are one marvelous Meezer; a beauty inside and out! Your closeup is simply stunning! I could get lost in those spectacular, sky blue eyes of yours, and your coat and markings are gorgeous!

    What a very rough start at life you had, Margo! It pains me terribly to think a kitty as beautiful and sweet as you was surrendered so many times, that you waited so long for your forever family to come along; no wonder you became so mistrusting and fearful of humans! But how well worth the wait it was, finding that one very special forever family able and willing to give you all the space you needed get comfortable in your new digs, all the time you needed to learn to trust again, and most importantly, one that would love you unconditionally! You were at first a diamond in the rough, a treasure just waiting to be unwrapped, but oh, just look at you now; so full of confidence, all 5 lbs of you taking on your 18 lb big bro Diego! You may be a tiny girl, but your spirit is as big as they come!

    Great thanks to your wonderful family for choosing rescue, and to the Hamilton County Humane Society for all of their great work, helping to make happy ending love stories such as yours a reality! Your family was truly blessed the day they opened up their home and hearts to you!

    Hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, sweetheart; celebrating in high style with your Mommy and Daddy, Eli, and brother Diego! (Go easy on him!) I'm sure your Mommy and Daddy are pulling out all of the stops on their girl's big day!
    Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Margo! Long and happy life to you!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    Mango what a gorgeous girl you are!!!

    What a treat to see your lovely pictures today. I am so happy you finally found your forever home. Sometimes we take a few detours in life to get where we are meant to be. I hope you are being spoiled rotten today. You certainly deserve to be. Please thank your loving mommy for sharing you with us.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our very special Cat of the Day!!!
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    Hi Margo, What a pretty girl you are! I am so glad you were adopted and now have a wonderful home. I can tell you are loved. I hope all of you have many years together. Congrats on being COTD!

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    Dearest Margo, what an utterly beautiful and sweet Meezer girl you are! We are so glad you finally found the most wonderful FURRRRREVER home, with PURRRRSONS who gave you the chance to let your true delightful PURRRRRRsonality shine through.

    Congratulations on being chosen today's Cat of the Day, Margo! We hope you and Diego and your whole family are all celebrating with you, with lots of fun and lovies and wonderful treats!

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    Hi Margo, Happy COTD to you! You share the same exact name as my kitty! My kitty is a brown tabby though. And a lot heavier. But that is still neat that you two have the same name. I am glad your furever home was patient and let you come out of your shell by your own timetable. All you needed was a bit (or a lot) of time to get settled and comfortable. You are proof that some kitties just need a long adjustment period in a new home. Now you are set, you have the best home and the best family to live with. You are such a beauty of a cat. Congrats again, and enjoy your day! Robin

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    Margo looks and sounds JUST like my late Sophie. My Sophie was a feral and it took at least a month of me "ignoring" her and allowing her to hide in my bedroom closet and come out on her own before she warmed up to me... and then we were inseparable.


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    Margot is really a pretty girl. Absolutely love her markings and gorgeous blue eyes! What a great ending to a tough story for her. So glad you were patient with her. You are awesome!


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