Ok hello to everyone on the cat side never posted here before. I'm sure most of you dont know but lost my Little Sassy Cat on fathers day and well I love all animals but rodents nothing against them just dont want one but anyway after I lost Sassy really didnt want another cat right off the bat but I live kinda in the country and well the mice seem to know theres no cat around anymore and have made there way back in the house boy are they gonna be surprised. Someone I knew had a five month old kitten and there daughter was allergic to it and after being posted on craigslist for more than a week he said he has no choice but to take it to the shelter so well I took him had to rename him chico though my wife picked the name has something to do with the pokeman toys there were three of them Braggo Chico and dont know the other but I have never cared for pokeman know my son loved them when he was little. Ok so now that I got complety off track as I was saying WE GOT A NEW KITTEN YEA!!!!!! Well post pics as soon as he comes out from under the bed hes still a little scared of all the new surrandings but him and Braggo hit it right off he got a good butt snif and Chico marked him with the face rub thing cats do. well have fun everyone going to go play with the kitty now