Greetings Lace! A very happy Pet of the Day to you, and to your lovely young lady as well!
What a stunningly beautiful Thoroughbred you are! Your sleek, black coat is simply gorgeous, and your spirit, equally beautiful! Your lady described the best of the animal/human connection when she spoke of the very special bond you and she of complete trust and unconditional love, free of judgement, deep to the core! How blessed she is to have a best friend and riding companion, a confidant, comforter and teacher in you! In and out of the show ring you two make for one terrific team, and I hope for you and your lady many, many more wonderful years together!
Great thanks to your family for sharing your beautiful photos (your closeup is breathtaking), and heart warming back story with us, giving us the chance to honor you for the very special horse that you are, and all that you mean to your person!
Enjoy a very special day of celebration, gorgeous girl! And please have your lady give you a fave treat...some apple or carrot, a sugar cube or peppermint, for me!
Lots of love and a big neck hug to you, beautiful Lace!