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    Cute pup - not sure about giving the pup alcohol though

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    Yeah, around here you get arrested for giving alcohol to a dog, and with good reason too. Shame, Elvis is a nice dog, too bad.

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    Elvis - you are such a cute little guy, and you certainly have a very unique lifestyle! It must be a lot of fun at the farm - but the pub??? Hmmmm - I think a nice cozy spot to curl up in at home might be better, don't you think? Well, however you spend your day, I hope you enjoy being today's DOTD. Congratulations.......

    Elvis' dad:
    I hope you don't take offense, and I'm not here to criticize, but if you want Elvis to grow old with you, you really should rethink what you are giving him to eat and drink. It's very inappropriate and unhealthy to give what you give him, to any dog, but to a growing pup - poison!! My 2 dogs that you see in my siggy picture are pushing 17 and 14, and they got there with a healthy diet, among other things. If Elvis likes bacon, then give him a FEW bacon flavored DOG treats, and not a whole pack of bacon fries for PEOPLE. My dogs go bonkers for bacon, and they get a couple of the bacon DOG treats at night as a bedtime snack. And the ale??? - even watered down, ale is still ale and not at all healthy or needed in a dog's diet. It may be cute for you and the pub patrons to see Elvis in action, but please put Elvis' health and well being ahead of the entertainment. Elvis will be much happier living like a normal dog, if only given the chance.

    BTW - I love the bathtub shot
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    Cute Dog

    Elvis is indeed adorable! At least for now. He needs to quit drinking's poison for his system and he's going to get very sick, perhaps die, watered down or not. The packet of bacon fries...Oh my! He's just a puppy too. Obviously you love the little fellow and he gets lots of cuddles and appreciation. But he won't last this way. Please rethink what you're doing to him. I too love the bath tub shot! And it's wonderful that he has a farm to play on and lots of farm animal friends!

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    Hi Elvis in the UK, What a cute little feller you are! When I read that you drink "watered down ale", I wondered "is that a good idea?". I think the answer is "No". Little pup doesnt know any better but you are the human and he trusts you and you give it to him. I'll join the rest of the people to say "please dont give him alcholic drinks, no matter how watered down." Be safe; not sorry. Also packs of bacon fries are not that healthy either. I hope Elvis lives a long healthy life and I think he would have a better chance without ale and bacon fries. Elvis, Congrats on being DOTD! Kay in NC USA

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    Elvis is such a cute, wee dude!! Excellent DOTD today Everyones heart is in the right place, we all just want Elvis to enjoy the best of health for all the years of his life, and so he deserves! Hope he gets extra cuddles today, maybe ice water and a Beggin' Strip Have a great day, peace and love

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    Elvis is in the house!

    Hi Elvis! Happy Dog of the Day to you, you sweet little man!
    Oh, is there anything cuter than a JRT? Well yes! A JRT puppy, and they don't come any cuter than you! How painfully precious you are, Elvis, simply adorable! You're a heart melter, that's for sure; so full of spunk and personality, with an unbridled zest for life! (That shot of you peeking over the edge of the tub says it all!) And it's clear your Daddy loves you dearly, and I'm sure it's great fun hanging out with your mates at the pub! But, since we, and your family, want you around for a long, long time, best stick to water when pulling up that stool, and skip the suds! Not only is alcohol bad for you, how can you get into all of that required puppy mischief if you're too sleepy to play? So, get on the bandwagon, and enjoy every minute of your puppyhood to the max, unfiltered!
    Thanks for the big, BIG smiles, Elvis! I hope you enjoy a very special, fun filled (alcohol free) Dog of the Day, being treated royally! You sure deserve it, sweetheart!
    Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you, adorable Elvis!

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