And oh yes, you ARE smiling!
Hi Loki! Happy Pet of the Day to you! I'm honored to be the first to congratulate you on being crowned "top pet!"
You are one gorgeous Gecko boy, Loki; your coloring and markings are stunning, and who could resist those HUGE brown eyes, that sweet, smiling face! And while I have never seen a Gecko yawn, I sure would LOVE to! How lucky your human is to have a "first" as sweet and lovable and laid back as you! I can't imagine a more cherished Christmas gift than one of animal love, and in you your human has been blessed with the best!!
Thanks for the BIG midday smiles, beautiful boy! I hope you're enjoying your much deserved day of honor, napping and yawning the day away, being treated to all your heart desires and more (minus any vacuum cleaning and Marianas Trench music)!
Lots of love to you, beautiful Loki!!! Long and happy life to you!