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    Oh Roxie, what a sweet beautiful girl. I'm so glad your family found you. You never have to worry again that you won't be taken care of or unloved. Happy well deserving dotd

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    Hello, gorgeous Roxy! Your life had such a difficult start --- but now you have a home where you are very much loved and cared about! I'm so glad you can have people give you attention without being afraid. I like the different coat styles in your pictures but I have to admit I like the very last one best... you seem to be saying, "oh, hello, I am Roxy and I'm on the furniture; what's up?" I'd love to pet your wonderful poodle coat and see what it feels like. I bet it's very soft! Could you please have your people give you a big hug for me, because you have overcome so much adversity! And now you can help teach young people about all the joys of having a dog, especially a rescue dog. What a great story! Happy Dog of the Day, Roxy!

    p.s., could you please bark to your person to register for PT so we can hear more about your visits with kids and educating them about dogs and rescue programs.
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    Hello Roxie, it's a pleasure to meet such a beautiful girl! I am so glad you now have a good home and am sorry for the way your were treated previously. Some people should not even have dogs because they obviously do not know how to treat them properly. I read your writeup with interest and am so happy you're happy and loved now. I hope all of you have many years together. Congrats on being DOTD!

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    Beautiful, happy dog! Thank you for all the rescue work you do....truly a blessing! I loved the videos....pure JOY in the one of Roxy and the Dobie Mix ruuuuuuuunning in the open field...stretching their legs. Really made me smile

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    Brave, beautiful Roxy!

    Hi Roxy! Happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful girl!
    What a horrific start in life you had, Roxy, but oh, just look at you now; happy and healthy; looking so beautiful in that beautiful, coiffed coat...and so full of energy and a love for life, and your family! That video of you and Molly running with such joy on your faces put the biggest smile on my face! You are living proof of the indomitable canine spirit, of just how far a little love, time and patience can go in helping to heal a wounded body and heart! Great thanks to your devoted human family, to Takarai Rescue, for all of their hard work and dedication to dog rescue, helping to make so many love matches such as yours a reality!!! Yours is truly one inspirational rescue story, and my hopes are that with you as good will ambassador for rscue, others will be equally inspired. and consider adoption ( pure breed or otherwise), when thinking about adding another furry one to the pack. And as your Mom says, there are plenty of pure breed rescue groups out there with so many beautiful, loving, deserving doggies such as yourself just waiting for their very own forever family to come along and welcome them home!
    Thanks for the big, BIG smiles, sweetheart, and thanks to your family for shairng your very special story, your beautiful pics and heartwarming videos we us all! Enjoy your much deserved day of honor, beautiful Roxy; romping with your pup pals the Bernies and Springer, being loved and pampered to pieces by your loving family and no doubt countless adoring fans (of which I'm one)!
    Love and hugs and kisses to you, beautiful Roxy!

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    Just loved seein' beautiful Roxy today! What a pretty girl, great DOTD! Peace and love

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    What a great educational story...and I'm so glad that you - with the other dogs - are away from that so-called owner who neglected you all.
    Now - look at you! Beautiful and happy...and of service to others! What a great dog you are!

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    Roxie, hello there sweetie! Such a pretty gal, just look at you living it up and sharing the good life with those other pups in rescue.

    I am sad that you had such a horrible time, and SO HAPPY that you found your way to your new family. My Tasha is a puppy mill rescue, so I saw many similarities in your recovery and my Tasha's rehabilitation. We have a huge field like that near us, where dogs are allowed to run free off leash. What jhoy comes over Tasha's face running free! And you also show such exuberance in that video romping about with your Dobie friend.

    I also enjoyed the second video as we got to hear both you AND your HuMom with the Irish accent.

    Roxy Roooo, I am sure you enjoyed your day as Dog of the Day! Sending you lots of belly rubs, I also hope your HuMom joins us here on PT -- I want to learn more about you and the work you do -- and also about that other standard poodle shown in one photo! LOL

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    Roxie and her life!

    Roxy barked and I listened as always ! Queen Roxy always gets what she wants.

    I have read all you guys comments and each one had brought a smile to my face, it's nice
    to know efforts do mean something.

    Roxy is appreciating her title for the day and her many many new fans. Her comments here
    as well as her youtube comments too.

    Roxy has told me to answer anything you'd like to know, she would tell it all. She loves her
    life so much now and wishes that every rescue dog gets a second chance.

    I am uploading the goofest picture of Roxy right now on Deviantart (takaraianimalrescue)

    Rachael Takarai and Nicki Takarai (Roxy's owners/slaves)

    P.S Roxy is currently enjoying a bulls ear even if it does smell the house out
    her happiness is worth it.


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