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Thread: How Lucky gets his lettuce..

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    How Lucky gets his lettuce..

    Lucky's favorite treats, along with most guinea pigs, is lettuce! He loves it SO much that he will do anything to get his little paws on it. Yesterday, I had him out in the living room to get his exercise. This is usually his "veggie time." I brought out the whole container of lettuce, which was a first; I usually just grab a handful, and decided to hand feed him. Lucky, the smart boy he is, eventually realized there was more lettuce in the container than in my hand! So he decided to do this:

    Hmmmm, what's in here?

    It happened so quickly that I couldn't catch it on camera, but he put his two front paws on top of the container and flipped it over to get the lettuce! Smart boy.

    Oh no, help me momma!

    Yum, I got my lettuce.

    Hehe, thank you for looking!

    RIP Sally

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    Looking good, Lucky!
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    Awww - how cute. And he's smart too.
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    Aww, Lucky, how cute! You figured out how to tip the container over to get to the noms!
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    That is so adorable. He is a cutie. I bet he loves being out for his exercise.

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    Ha ha Lucky, you love that lettuce don't you?
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    Thank you everyone!

    And yes he is very smart. First, he figured out how to climb over his playpen gate. And now he learned how to get lettuce out of the container. Oh what will he get into next?

    RIP Sally


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