I'm having a situation with my beautiful cattle dog, and i'm not sure if she's doing this on purpose to punish us (so to speak) or if its just normal behaviour.

I've never had a dog before so i've got nothing to compare it to.

She's an outside dog, however whenever we know we plan on being in the house for a long amount of time we let her in.

However when we leave her outside, and we head to work, she has a tendency to chew on a few things we definitely don't want her to get at. And it's constant. My partner has had to change his trailer plug ten times because she keeps going through it.

She has so many other things to chew, but she always goes to those ones.

Also, i've noticed that if i keep her outside, due to guests coming over, or because i'm doing a big clean, she tends to sit near the door or at the large window just looking in for practically the entire time we're there.

In saying that, I've noticed the more time she spends with us inside, or even out and about, the less 'destructive' she is.

Is she doing it because we don't pay her enough attention, or is it cause she's just a pup (nearly 1 year old) or simply because she's bored?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!!!!